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Step into the Madness…

The Slipshod formula is simple – we take the nugget of an idea which inspires us from history, something in the modern era which we are politically engaged with, then take them both thick ‘n’ fast into an explosive theatrical extravaganza.

Since 2017, we’ve taken performance to the Edinburgh Fringe, Brighton Fringe, Camden Fringe and more. Our shows get naked with history, reveal uncomfortable truths about the very things that make us human and are often good for a laugh too.

Our Shows

Our Methodology

We work as a creative collective to develop shows framed in historical narratives that have deep relevance to our members today and which reflect in elements of modern culture. We workshop historical periods, events, personalities and concepts with contemporary political and technological elements to put together something higgledy-piggledy, a little all over the place, but that offers barrels of fun and a unique insight into the past and the present.

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